“Don’t ask….!” or, “I don’t know WHAT I was thinking…!”  The two most predictable comments I hear from people seeking the removal of their loved-no-more tattoos. Although I’ve tried alternative methods of tattoo removal (appropriate for a very small percentage of tattoos), I realized very quickly that in order to properly accommodate and treat the majority of those customers who were searching for a ‘way out’ of their often compulsive decisions, I needed to provide laser removal. I had countless customers through the years tell me, “I’ve called about laser tattoo removal, and it’s WAY too expensive….I just can’t afford it.” And that, is how my concept for Disappearing Ink came into being! Keeping in mind, the cost of lasers and their maintenance can be comparable to a small house. It is, however, still my mission to reach larger numbers of potential customers by charging more affordable rates. That way, no matter what your income, you won’t likely be left feeling hopeless with nowhere to turn. One of the most popular groups I have coming for removals are those who’ve been denied entrance to the military. The armed services have become very strict on the subject of tattoos. I am in touch with all of the branches, and am doing my best to work with them so that these young men and women can continue on the paths they’ve chosen. On the flip side of this coin, there are those who merely want to clear some space for a bright, shiny new tattoo…and, that’s great too! Depending on your goals, a few sessions may be all you need to lighten the existing tattoo just enough to replace it with some different artwork. Whatever your reasons happened to be, Quanta’s Q Plus C has the ability to treat the entire spectrum of colors…no more looking for somewhere else to have those colors treated that were left behind! Please contact me for a free consultation to better understand the process, and find out about pricing details you can call or text (the same number, 717-572-2009) a picture of what you’d like removed, along with dimensions, and I can give you a better idea of cost per session!