Want to be able to wake up and run out the door without feeling self conscious? Cosmetic tattooing just may be the thing for you! Whether it’s your eyes, eyebrows, and/or lips you like to make up everyday, the convenience of having it on permanently is priceless!  After twenty-six years of tattooing make up for women, the most common regret is, “Why did I wait so long!” For some, it’s the fear of pain, for others it’s the concept of the permanency of the procedure…To ease your mind, the topical anesthetic that’s used creates a virtually pain-free experience, and the comment I hear most is, “That’s nothing like I thought it would be!” I also go to great lengths to ensure that you have a complete and comfortable understanding of what you can expect before anything is actually done. That way, you know you’re getting exactly what YOU want, not what someone else thinks you should have. In the past twenty-six years, the most rewarding part of this job remains the same…seeing a renewed self-confidence blossom, allowing an individual to feel more comfortable with the face staring back at them……So, what are you waiting for!  Start feeling even better about yourself today!

List of Services

  • Eyeliner      $500
  • Uppers       $275
  • Lowers       $250
  • Mucosal     $200
  • Eyebrows   $325-$475
  • Lipliner       $400  * w/fill $250
  • Beauty Marks  $25
  • Evaluation Color Corrections & Touch Ups (required)
*Free touch up with each initial procedure within the first 6 months
(Prices subject to change)